What is MyInsta?

MyInsta is an Android app with the best features, like Download Reels/Stories/Posts, Monet Theme, Developer options, Privacy and more.

Is MyInsta safe?

It is safe, and the developer is trusted. Unlike some modded Instagrams, MyInsta is not obfuscated: That means you can view all the source code via tools such as apktool or jadx-gui (all modifications are in smali_classes10/me/bluepapilte)

What is Instasmash?

Instasmash app is an alpha version of MyInsta.

What is a Clone?

Clone comes with com.myinsta package name, which can be installed as a standalone app.

What is UnClone?

UnClone means it will replace the original Instagram. Therefore, you need to uninstall the original Insta before.

Who is the developer of MyInsta?

Carpaxel is the developer of MyInsta. He is always open to questions and suggestions.

How to contact the developer?

You can contact the developer (Carpaxel) through Reddit and Telegram.

How to download Reels?

Open Reel >> 3-dots menu >> Download option.

How to download Stories?

Open story >> 3-dots menu >> Download option.

How to download Images/Videos?

Tap on the 3-vertical dots menu and then choose the download option.

How to donate the developer?

Kindly visit the page to donate to the developer.

What are the official Telegram channel and Group of MyInsta?

Here are the official Telegram channel and Telegram Group of the MyInsta app.

Where is MyInsta setting?

Go to your profile tab > Long press on the 3bar button at the top right of the screen.

What is the difference between Instasmash and MyInsta?

MyInsta supports downloading media.

The most up-to-date is Instasmash, but that’s mainly for testing features in advance and on a daily basis. If you just want normal use, I will advise you to use MyInsta, which has more modded features and is much more stable.

The main difference between the two is that Instasmash is on Instagram’s alpha base, while MyInsta is on Instagram’s stable base.

How to Trust MyInsta?

These are the points mentioned by the developer.

  • You can reverse the application; the code is neither encrypted nor obfuscated (unlike many insta mods).
  • You can also come on the telegram and ask the opinion of other members.
  • You can check the Virustotal report or submit your own Virustotal check.
  • You can use an account created just for this application.
  • It’s really up to you which method you want to use to verify the security of this app.