A passionate group of developers and designers developed the MyInsta app to enhance the experience of every Android user. Carpaxel/Bluepapilte leads the project, and he is very transparent about the app. He even suggests users ask any questions regarding app development, safety, trust and features.

The roadmap is focused on two key pillars: curation and creation.

Main Developer


Therealswak (Admin)

Author of modded settings/verification. He is a great helper with a lot of modded features.


Author of original code to remove ads.


Professional designer, a great on a lot of app designs.

Amazing World

Several times, provide help on the project to implement/improve features.


Great source of inspiration, a lot of knowledge gained from this project.


Ad-free feature improved. thanks to this project.

Well, this website is maintained by a small group of people whose main motive is to give official download links to the users. So they don’t get any malware. We are not affiliated with the main team.