MyInsta is an InstaMod that allows users to have exclusive features such as downloading Reels, Videos, Photos, and No Ads.

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How do I access settings?

Go to your profile tab > Long press on the 3bar button at the top right of the screen.


MyInsta is based on the stable version of Instagram, which basically made to enhance the user experience. The Team of Android developers develops it, and the main lead member is Carpaxel/Bluepapilte.

It is popularly known for its updates, as the developer always focuses on giving the best security features possible.

There is an Alpha build known as Instasmash, which basically comes with fewer features and is made to test how everything works on the primary build.

App Info

Size77 MB
Updated onMay 09, 2024


Save Reels

Download the Reels of your friends and celebrities for offline watching.

Save Photos

Save photos of your favourite person to your device gallery.

Download Media

MyInsta supports downloading all Media, including IMAGE, VIDEO, or CAROUSEL_ALBUM.

No Ads

Users can disable ads from Insta Feed, Reels, Stories, Explore, Reels and Shop. Therefore, users can get an annoying-free experience.

Two Packages

MyInsta comes with two packages. One is a clone which can be installed as a standalone app, and the other is a replacement for Official Instagram.

Follows Indicator

It adds a small text in the user’s biography, indicating if he/she follows you.

Monet Theme

Monet theme is a new style from Android 12’s Material You. It fetches suitable colours from the Phone’s wallpaper.

Zoom on Profile Picture

Get a detailed picture by zooming in on your friend’s profile picture and any other popular personality.

Mark as Seen

The “Seen” word appears in the DMs when another person reads your messages.

Developer Options

MyInsta can give you access to developer options. Just long tap the Home button.


MyInsta reduces the data sent to Instagram as the Privacy section allows you to disable Analytics, Ads, and some requests.

MyInsta Verification

It is completely different from normal Insta verification. It just added to show that you have donated to MyInsta developer.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode allows you to do all things secretly.

Remove Typing Status

Don’t let others know the Typing… status in DMs

Remove Seen Status

Don’t let others know Seen Status in DMs

Anonymous Story Viewing

Don’t let others know Seen Status in Stories.

Anonymous Live Viewing

Watch Live streaming Anonymously.

No Distractions

The below options allow you to focus on the content that you like.

Block Reels

No loading of short videos in the Reels Tab.

Block Posts

Block loading of posts in the Home Tab.

Block Stories

No loading of stories in the Home Tab.

Block Explore

There is no content in the Explore tab when you enable this option.

Block Comments

Don’t you want to read the comments? Just enable it.

Hide Lives

Live streaming can be hidden from the Story tray.

Feed and Stories

Force Sound on Stories

You can enable the sound for the stories by default.

Disable Stories Flipping

This option prevents going to the next story automatically.

Disable Video Autoplay

There are no auto-playing videos anymore once you enable it.

Remove Suggested Posts

Suggested posts won’t be a problem for you on the Feed.

Remove Suggested Users

There’s no need to see the strangers in your feed now.

Improve Photo Quality

It improves the photo quality while viewing up to 1440p.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyInsta?

MyInsta is an Android app with the best features, like Download Reels/Stories/Posts, Monet Theme, Developer options, Privacy and more.

Is MyInsta safe?

It is safe, and the developer is trusted. Unlike some modded Instagrams, MyInsta is not obfuscated: That means you can view all the source code via tools such as apktool or jadx-gui (all modifications are in smali_classes10/me/bluepapilte)

How to Install MyInsta Clone APK?

Just download the official MyInsta APK from this page and Install it.

How to Install MyInsta UnClone APK?

First, uninstall the Official Instagram and then download the official MyInsta UnClone APK from this page. Now, install it.

What is a Clone?

Clone comes with package name, which can be installed as a standalone app.

What is UnClone?

UnClone means it will replace the original Instagram. Therefore, you need to uninstall the original Insta before.

What is Instasmash?

Instasmash app is an alpha version of MyInsta.

How to download Images/Videos?

Tap on the 3-vertical dots menu and then choose the download option.

How to download Stories?

Open story >> 3-dots menu >> Download option.

How to download Reels?

Open Reel >> 3-dots menu >> Download option.

Does MyInsta support ARMv7 32-bit devices?

Yes. It supports older 32-bit architecture devices, which can be downloaded here. This version will have the same features as the classic version, no more or less. Don’t forget that it will be updated less frequently than the main one.

Where is MyInsta setting?

Go to your profile tab > Long press on the 3bar button at the top right of the screen.

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