We request everyone to read the complete changelog of MyInsta app versions from this page.

Version v23.1

  • Re-Added “Remove Empty Bottom Space” toggle from the Miscellaneous section
  • Fixed coloured “Follows you” status on translated versions
  • Fixed verified icon not showing
  • Fixed some crashes & bugs
  • Improved modded verification checking (performances & quantity)

Version v23

  • Instagram Base: 329.
  • Version: MyInsta v23.0
  • Architecture : 64bits / Android 9+
  • Type: Stable
  • Thanks to you all for your patience and your support!
  • I’ll continue to work on a lot of planned features for the next weeks
  • MyInsta Changelog :
  • Updated base version
  • Improved supported languages by the mod (French, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese/Brazilian, Turkish, Japanese (30%), Spanish (30%))
  • Fixed zoom on profile picture with avatars
  • Fixed ‘Improve Photo Viewing Quality’ feature

Version v22

  • Instagram Base: 317.
  • Version: MyInsta v22.0
  • Architecture : Armv8a / Android 9+
  • Type: Stable
  • I’m back on MyInsta; thank you for your patience 🙂
  • As I was able to warn some of you, here is the new Crowdin project to translate the application :
  • This update is mainly a base update; I plan to update to v319 as soon as possible
  • MyInsta Changelog :
  • Updated base version
  • New languages are now supported (Indonesian/Turkish)
  • Added ‘Story ring scale factor’ option in the Miscellaneous section
  • Fixed the ‘Monet theming’ feature with prism colours enabled
  • Deleted ‘Use old download manager’ toggle

Version v21

  • Instagram Base : 311.
  • Version : MyInsta v21.0
  • Architecture : Armv8a / Android 9+
  • Type : Stable
  • I’m going on break (for intensive work of a month and a half in my master’s degree) from January 2. I will keep you posted on my return, and I will work on the armv7a and InstaDM versions in February.
  • Happy New Year everyone!
  • MyInsta Changelog :
  • Updated base version
  • Added multi-language support to MyInsta Settings (Only French implemented yet, I’ll open a crowdin project soon…)
  • Added ‘Disable Screenshots Detection’ toggle in Ghost Mode section
  • Added ‘Disable check storage permission’ toggle in Downloads section (Android 11+)
  • Added ‘Remove Empty Bottom Space’ toggle in Miscellaneous section
  • Added automatic sanitize url when copying link of a post
  • Improved ‘Disable Ads’ feature (Disable ads on grid view of explore tab)
  • Fixed crash on Location tab with new UI
  • Fixed disappearing search button in threads info (Bug from Instagram app itself, but I found a fix for it)

Version v20

  • MyInsta Changelog :
  • Base update
  • Fix Clickable Usernames in Biography (now clickable even with Follows status enabled)
  • Fix New Download Manager (fix some crashes for some users when downloading media, Android 11+)
  • Fix copy comments feature (No longer need to disable some experiment settings to make it work)
  • Fix some Stories Crashes (Thanks to AmĂ zing World)